Marine Protection

We only use the worldwide leader Rhino Linings to protect your marine asset. This also reduce’s slippage and will not crack warp or peel under extreme temperatures.

Can be applied to Jet-Ski’s, Boats, Boat Trailers and also for Wharf Protection. Ideal for protecting when launching or going near the wharf when you have them unexpected moments and hit it a little bit too hard.

Some of the benefits include:
– Ultimate corrosion resistance
– Deck Protection
– Protection from them accidental knocks
– Increases the Resale value
– Maintenance Free
– Available in virtually any colour.

In Colours

polyurethane is available in standard and optional custom colours; ask your Rhino Linings® dealer for details. Linings can be sprayed to any desired thickness.

Tuff Stuff® Polyurethane Technical Specifications

  • Hardness
  • Tensil Strength
  • Elongation
  • Tear Resistance
  • Water Absorption
  • General Chemical Resistance*
  • D-2240
  • D-412
  • AS4858:2004
  • D-624
  • D-570
  • Excellent
  • 88 ± 5 Shore A
  • 1900-2100 psi
  • 318-431%
  • 200-250 pli
  • ≤ 1.6%

Temprature Extremes – maintains most characteristics even in extreme weather conditions.
Adheres effectively to steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, concrete and most substrates.
Rhino Linings’ proprietary chemical formula and spray equipment yield a protective surface unlike any available on the market today.

*See your dealer for details.

Rhino Linings® Vs. Other Coatings

Water seal to Boat or Trailer Prevents Rust and Corrosion
Resists Scratches & Abrasion
Contour Fit Insulates Boat or Trailer form Noise and Road Vibration
Will Not Crack, Split or Warp N/A
Virtually no loss of space
Maintenance-free: No Waxing, Repainting or Screws to Tightens
Textured, Flexible Surface Reduces Load Slippage N/A
In the Event of an Accident, Surface is Repairable
Available in Any Colour

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