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VOC-free, thick polyurethane and polyurea linings are the optimal solutions for reducing costs and increasing equipment return on investment in mining and aggregate operations. ARC’s can be sprayed or cast onto virtually any type of equipment and substrate material regardless of penetrations or shape, whether new or already in service.

ARC’s provide industrial-strength protection because they can be applied significantly thicker than many other coatings in the market from 2 mm to unlimited thickness. ARC can be used as a sacrificial lining capable of protecting your equipment from abrasion and impact. In addition, a “wear-indicator” can be applied beneath the lining in any colour requested, increasing Safety on inspections and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary maintenance and ordering time.

Our specially designed and tested urethane has produced results in mining conditions up to 5 x stronger than any other resin in its class. Results of a Shore D 70 places our urethane with massive abrasion resistance at a quarter of the weight of Bisalloy. If this does not impress you, then knowing we can attach our resins to any substrate and existing structures to add ultimate protection should. You don’t have to change your routine, let us do the changing for you.


  • Oil rig protection
  • Vibration screen decks
  • Vibrating bowls
  • Spiral chutes
  • Mine loading pads
  • Mine hopper bins
  • Battery trays for mining vehicles
  • Vehicle protection (corrosion control, salt control)
  • Dump trucks ( Tray Liners, Guard protection, Corrosion Protection)
  • Mine conveyor belts
  • Mine explosive storage boxes
  • Insulated foam roofs
  • Insulated tanks
  • Wear Liners
  • Chute Lining
  • Belt Repair
  • Increase new belt life ( lets add a few mm and push your belt change out a few more months)
  • Balanced Machine protection
  • Pulleys
  • Structural Beams
  • Sound Proofing
  • Water Proofing ( Including food grade applications)
  • Ute Liners


  • Reduces maintenance costs ( increase the life of your chutes, so we can skip a shutdown and send that team some where else for shutdown maintenance)
  • Repairs and equipment downtime
  • Increases personnel safety and productivity
  • Adds years of life to any surface
  • Sheilds against abrasion, impact and abuse from the elements
  • Protects from corrosion
  • Flexible – adheres to almost any substrate regardless of shap or size and can expand with thermal expansion/contraction changes
  • Casting material for material handling
  • Less inspection time (Open the chute door, check to see if your wear indicator is showing, shut the door.  If wear indicator is showing, time to order

Abrasion resistance

Corrosion Protection

Chemical Resistance

Impact Protection

Tuff Stuff® Polyurethane Technical Specifications

  • Hardness
  • Tensil Strength
  • Elongation
  • Tear Resistance
  • Water Absorption
  • General Chemical Resistance*
  • D-2240
  • D-412
  • AS4858:2004
  • D-624
  • D-570
  • Excellent
  • 88 ± 5 Shore A
  • 1900-2100 psi
  • 318-431%
  • 200-250 pli
  • ≤ 1.6%

Temprature Extremes – maintains most characteristics even in extreme weather conditions.
Adheres effectively to steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, concrete and most substrates.
Rhino Linings’ proprietary chemical formula and spray equipment yield a protective surface unlike any available on the market today.

*See your dealer for details.

In Colours

polyurethane is available in standard and optional custom colours; ask your Rhino Linings® dealer for details. Linings can be sprayed to any desired thickness.

Why you should use Rhino Linings® on your Industrial or Commercial Floor

  • Totally seamless, including coving- Improves cleaning and hygiene
  • Spray applied to any thickness in one application and instant curing – reduces down time
  • Slip resistant surface improves worker safety
  • Resistant to most chemicals, fuels and oils
  • Guaranteed to never crack, peel or warp
  • Zero solvents, zero VOC’s – Environmentally friendly
  • Insulating and impact characteristics reduce worker fatigue
  • Maintenance free. Repairable in the event of accidental abuse/ damage
  • Available in colours and can include safety markings

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